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white blazer for bride
Happy New Years Eve lovely readers!!! It feels so good to be back and blogging! I wanted to end 2012 with a post full of great photos and fashion, in case you missed it from my instagram, I was asked to model for a bridal shoot that ended up getting featured on the Style Me Pretty website!!! 

Outfit Details: I offered a Sarah Seven gown to be worn and they paired it with this classy white blazer from Nordy's, so industrial chic. Without further a-do!

non traditional gemstone engagement ring

vintage hair comb sarah seven accessories

older chic bride

industrial wedding decor
See all of the amazing photos HERE!

chic bridal updo
 My favorite lighting...
low light wedding ceremony photo

Be safe and Happy New Year! So excited for what 2013 will bring!! (Like getting to be a real Bride!)


Wardrobe Stylist East Coast

Great News!!! I was hired as a wardrobe stylist these past two days for a worldwide healthcare company and they loved me so much that they asked me to stay with them for this next week! The only catch? They are done shooting in Portland and now need to shoot in DC and Boston, and they are flying me out to shoot with them!! Weeee!!! I have officially landed my first national job as a wardrobe stylist for a renowned company, working with the best of the best (not to mention our amazing photographer who was flown in from Holland for this project) and get to travel (so excited) while doing so! It's what I've worked so hard for, countless hours blogging, many years designing accessories and playing around with different textiles or fabric mediums. The money spent, the all nighters, the unpaid "for portfolio" work that I've worked my butt off for, and I'm here. I've achieved my goal. And I thoroughly enjoyed my time these past two days! I am getting paid to do what I love and I am really excited to share this journey with you! I will continue to work 12 hour days, but as time allows I'll be updating the blog this next week. Follow me on Instagram and Twitter as well for photos and posts that probably won't make the blog. I feel blessed, and huge thank you goes to my roommate Liz Vice who referred me to this job which is opening huge doors. Thank you!!

I have never been to DC, Virginia, or Boston before, suggestions for what to do or see if I have any free time?!!

Also, today is my heart birthday!!!! It's been three years since my pacemaker was placed! I had a DIY all ready for you with lots of details on what that entails, but due to the above everything is getting pushed back. Be excited, it's totally worth the wait!

~Jade Rose


Holiday Style DIY: Hair Accessory

red hair clip do it yourself

I love the Holidays and I DIY (do-it-yourself) almost everything in my life. So I present to you my little part in the Holiday Hair DIY fun. My Holly hair pin, complete with vintage goodies, some metallic gold, and handmade with love! Perfect for your next outfit or for as a gift!

You'll need:
hair accessory diy by Jade Rose
(Vintage berries, gold wire, bobby pins, pliers, gold accents)

Step1: Twist gold beading wire through berries creating a 'stem'.

Step 2: Wrap wire around bobby pins, glue gold accents of your choice to the bobby pin. 

and Voila!
vintage inspired diy

how Jade Rose Blog makes accessory
 (sorry for the iphone pics!)

 Super simple, super cute. You can use anything you want to adorn your beautiful hair. Happy DIY'ing, if you make any hair clips send photos my way!! 

:) Jade Rose


Holiday Style + Revelrié Sweaters

Revelrie Sweater, Oxblood skinny jeans
My favorite oxblood jeans and a super comfy sweater make today's outfit perfect for family holiday parties! The second half of my shoot with Tim Newman  was focused on this sweater from designer Sonya Trejo, she is incredibly talented and sent me a few sweaters to choose from, this was my favorite!! The metallic Italian yarn and angora is so soft on your skin and the color makes it perfect as a gift for yourself or others! Get yours here!

Be sure to check out Sonya's other designs at her shop Revelrié!

oxblood skinnies

jade rose blog

Holiday Style in Portland

Gold and oxblood holiday outfit

Perfect Holiday Outfit

Gold Sweater
Sweater: c/o Revelrié. Rhinestone Necklace: Target. Rhinestone Clutch: Banana Republic (old) Skinnies: H&M. Scalloped Heels: Nordstrom. (old)


Holiday Style: Sequin Pants

Sequins pands

My holiday go-to outfit complete with new heels from Zara ( Merry Christmas to me?!). Sequin pants and leopard print!!! The perfect holiday outfit. 

sequin skinny pants

How to wear sequins pants: 

Holiday Style with sequins

Sequin Style

holiday outfit

Zara heels

 Would you dare to wear these sparkly babes?!


Holiday Style: What to wear

I am welcoming December with arms wide open! Winter has set in and my holiday clothes are strewn across my clothing racks, I have lots of goodies for you these next few weeks, this time of year is one of my favorites! So why not start my favorite month with my current fancy pants jeans, these babies have been my go-to pair. I can't get enough of them. I call them my 'crazy pants'. :) Would you ever wear skinny jeans like these?!

Photos by Tim Newman


White Winter Coat

Winter has officially descended upon Portland, Oregon and rain gear + warm accessories is a must. Naturally, I am drawn to my North Face womens jackets. I own a few of their classics (fleece, snowboarding gear) but have never owned a more casual, lightweight jacket of theirs. This year I chose the waterproof 'every day' jacket, and I LOVE it!

My favorite part of this jacket is how slimming it is (especially as a white). The cut fits perfect everywhere and is super breathable, allowing me to layer as necessary. I styled the jacket as my "everyday/ running around to do errands" outfit while still looking fashionable. I am super pleased with this light weight option, and the hood is wide enough to go over hats and beanies! I've found a new North Face jacket favorite!

I paired it with the most cozy gloves, The North Face gloves paired well and will match the rest of my ensemble.

The North Face Jacket c/o MACYS & THE NORTH FACE. Pants: HM. Booties: CLARKS. Hat: UO.

Please Note: This post reflects my personal style and opinions, if you would like to discuss product review and sponsorship please Contact Me at,


She said Yes

"I promise you me"

With friends and family by my side, I exited the limo (Parts 1, 2, 3, 4) and walked to shore. My heart racing, knees wobbly, mouth smiling, all that I could see around me was natural beauty. I looked out over the  beautiful lake and saw the love of my life in a canoe, making his way toward me. After calling out his name (literally) he began to row over. 
 My thoughts in this moment:
"He's in a canoe! He's here! We're finally together again! He's going to propose! He's here!!! Would it be ok if I ran to him? How am I going to get in with these heels?! He's here!!"

A single red rose. Every time Ryan would pick me up from the airport or come home after not seeing each other for months he would hand me a single red rose... 

Then he brought out his guitar...  he began to play a song he wrote for me. 

The only photo I had snapped all day... it's still one of my most popular instagrams...

Picture perfect

Then he stopped singing...

And pulled a little black box out of the guitar case...

I started to cry before he could speak...

and said "YES!"

and kept staring at the perfect ring he picked out for me...
  We made it back to shore...

Had tear filled moments...

...pure joy.

and a private picnic in the forest...

Our perfect day didn't end on the lake in front of a majestic mountain. We left the candle lit picnic and headed home where we planned to watch a movie and bask in our joy, except "home" was actually our friends' house... where he had a surprise engagement party planned :) The day ended with our loved ones. 

I couldn't be more thankful, humbled, or happy to have the family I do. I was reminded of that yesterday as I got to celebrate Thanksgiving with both of our families (our first split holiday). This is a chapter in my life that I will always turn to and remember. I'm excited to share our journey with all of you :) Thank you for reading!
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