Blogger Friends and a Photoshoot

 Photo by: Linnea Paulina

I attend my first Portland Bloggers meeting back in August and met some amazing women. As we bonded over confusing cameras, cute clothes, and the time consuming life of a blogger I became friends with fashion blogger Sam Rosen and photographer Linnea. We wanted to collaborate to show off all of our talents and just hang out and have fun. Sam and I each chose two outfits to style for ourselves and wear while Linnea worked her magic behind the camera. (The top photo looks exactly the same as when she showed it to me on her camera that day!) Above is one of my favorite shots (and my favorite outfit), below is a BTS  (behind the scenes) shot taken by Sam and her iPhone of Linnea doing her thing! More photos coming over the next couple of weeks!

Linnea is so talented!!

P.S.- I'll be redesigning the site and will need your feedback, so stay tuned and keep checking back!!


  1. SO gorgeous. Love the photo in your side bar too!

    1. Thanks Jenni! I'm having a hard time deciding which photos to choose for my blog redesign!!

  2. Lovely :o) I am so excited about this and to see your site redesign - WAHOO!!

    1. I'm so excited I've been speechless when writing my posts ;)


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