A Portland Proposal

The Journey of Seven Promises

Just as I promised, Part 1 of my surprise 12 hour proposal. I plan on keeping these recaps short an sweet and letting the pictures do the majority of the talking. My fiance and I have been in a long distance relationship for two years. We met in Portland, and one month after dating he moved to Southern Idaho to get his masters. Fast forward a year later to this fall, where he began his second year of the program and we began another grueling school year of phone calls, skype dates, plane rides, and hours of driving. After saying goodbye this past august, we wouldn't see each other for another three months (Thanksgiving break) or so I thought...

And it begins... I get into work waiting for my first bridal appointment of what's to be a slow Saturday. Instead of a bride, walking through the door is his cousin and one of my best friends with a "special delivery". After a few moments of shock and denial I realized what this meant, and so I opened my first letter of the journey.
"You have the day off, so forget about work. Another adventure awaits.... "
(There are a lot of crying photos... don't say I didn't warn you!)

So I left the shop with my friends E and photographer Kevin and headed to an undisclosed location. I was smiling, crying, punching E in the arm, experiencing all sorts of emotions. 

Then we arrived, it was Barista, the location of our very first date a year and a half previous. Seated in the exact spot where we sat for hours telling our life stories were his two sisters, I said goodbye to E. I was forced to order a coffee drink (which I hate and cant drink due to medical issues) and as I was greeted by the cashier/ barista he smiled big, "Your drink is already paid for..." , and he slipped a package to me from across the counter. After being given my drink, I sat down with his sisters and opened the first letter of my Journey, a count of our first date and memories of pure joy were written across the pages and at the end was a promise.

"Promise #1: I promise to keep you safe amidst our journey"
signed "T" (using the wax stamp I bought him)

Come back for Part 2 tomorrow!!! 


  1. We have never met (yet). I am your fiance's aunt in CA and I am so happy to see (and read) that he has found a true treasure in you. I am looking forward to the rest of your story and to one day meeting you face to face!
    Susie Klein

  2. I love this so much already! can't wait for the rest, gorgeous photos!


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