Perfect Button Up Blouse: Animal Print

What I wore in -10 degree weather? Animal print, literally. (and of course) As you will see in the photos from my pink nose, snowflakes in my hair, and tense body, I was literally freezing. I spent the day indoors so I didn't realize my cute outfit was such a poor decision until this moment.... Also, I am spending my days working and then wedding planning. I hope to catch you up on some exciting details!!! Any who, the outfit!!! This is my favorite shirt right now, I've worn it 5 times already!! I love how it has a patterned look, and little animals, without looking tacky. It's my perfect button up.

Winter style with red blazer and skinny jeans

(My new Sira & Mara bracelet!!)
Winter outfit with animal print button up and blazer

Jade Rose Blog in animal print and Sira and MAra

How many different animals do you see?


  1. where is this shirt from? I'm in love, it's a must have!

  2. Great outfit and lovely shoes!

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