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Leopard print peacoat
Faux Fur Coat: UO. Wool Hat: UO. Jeans: HM. Bracelet: Sira & Mara. Glasses: La Font. 

Jade rose blog styling leopard

How to style leopard print

Jade rose style- hipster hat

Jade Rose leopard print
 (Oregon Gorge, ice cream pit stop)

This week I am in Southern Idaho, hanging out with my better half as he begins the final journey to his Masters program. In three months he will graduate and in 6 months we are getting married!!! (New series on our wedding planning coming soon!!!). PS- all I have is a venue, aaaaand panic. 

It has been below freezing out here, we're talking a high of 10 degrees. He and I went shopping before heading out and I found this coat which I fell in love with immediately. Now, I already had a cheetah print fur coat at home, but it didn't fit well. So I bought this baby, and thrifted my other coat. New in- Old out. Practicing the power of simplicity thanks to the encouragement of Chelsea with Seablanket. She and her husband (my neighbors!) live so simply and beautiful, it is the perfect reminder for all of us. Too easily I get caught up in stuff... primarily clothes. (Easy to do when you're a stylist and fashion blogger... or just human).

How about you! Do live by the motto 'new in/ old out'? Do you tend to collect stuff like me?!! Please tell me I'm not the only one! 


  1. always love a good leopard coat! definitely need to add that to my closet!

    1. I love using leopard as a neutral, it would be the perfect addition Lacee!

  2. that's a fabulous coat. love the outfit! :)


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