German sweater in St. Johns

For those of you who gushed about this instagram last month, I finally got around to posting the photos!
portland street style

Deer sweater

jade rose style blog

My beautiful German friend Tabea bought me this sweater while I was staying with her in Hamburg, I loved her sweater so much that as a goodbye gift (I had only known her for 4 days!) she bought me one so we could match :) It's been over a year but I get to visit her soon!!! More on that coming! Eeeee

Ps, these last few days have seriously turned my hair super red! I can dye it black and it will still turn red… there's no hope! Also, my freckles are coming out!!! Freckle faced Jade with big glasses, it's like I never grew out of my childhood ;) 
jade rose blog style


  1. i want your sweater! Love it! Yes to Bambi!

  2. LOVE this sweater. It's so fun! Your hair is getting so long. I know what ya mean about hair... mine always turns reddish too! Cute outfit! xoxo, keels


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