How to style Overalls

How to style overalls
summer floppy hat

I 'styled' them super casual as we were heading to the hot springs, so I added a blousy tank over my swimsuit, threw on my favorite sneakers, and added the hat to keep my crazy hair at bay.

I loved overalls as a kid... and love them now more than ever. Here's why; I have longer legs than the average girl, I try to buy shorts in the summer and they are always waaaaay too short for a late 20's lady to be wearing. So, when I found these cuties, I felt like they made the perfect compromise!
As Promised: Last week I mentioned that I had exciting news to share, and the day is finally here! My fiance graduates tomorrow with his Masters, and guess what?! He was accepted into a PhD program at a top University!!! The exciting news? We officially bought our one way, non refundable, tickets to LONDON! We are super excited!!! We fly in on the last day of London Fashion Week!! So, naturally, I am extra giddy!!! 
My blog will soon be UK bound with lots of pictures and lots of outfits, and lots of inspiration! Be sure to subscribe to my blog and follow along!!!


  1. OH GIRL. These overalls are PERFECTION. I neeeed need need. Please tell me these are a recent purchase?? Seriously, I'm obsessed over here. Also, SO excited for your new adventures in London!!! I went to London in high school and adored it. I'm a tad jealous, not gonna lie ;)


  2. love this overall!
    you look so pretty and cool! <3
    Emma xx


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