How to Shop Smart: The Thrift Shop

Thrift shops, Vintage clothes, clearance sales—I shop them all. I shop smart (Thank you, mom!) 
Having always been on a tight budget, clothes and shoes were a luxury growing up. My mother and father taught me as a child to save, and if I were to spend, to make sure it was really worth those hours I spent doing chores. 
Thrift shops were introduced to me at a young age.... let's be honest, my toddler clothes came from Goodwill or were hand-me-downs, so I've always been a Thrift Shop kid. I just happen to be the adult version of that now ;) 
I have since developed my version of smart shopping, which is quite easy in Portland, Oregon. 

*I sell what I do not wear so that I can buy (Thank you Buffalo Exchange for existing!)
*I shop second-hand stores like Salvation Army & Goodwill (although Goodwill is getting pricey these days!)
*I take time to go through sale/ clearance racks 
*If I am not 100% sure of an item or if I have any doubt on it's look/ fit, I do not buy! (We all know that is the item to sit in our closets forever.)
*Normal priced items at normal stores (ie: Nordstrom, H&M, etc) I do purchase from time to time; however, I must wear the item as many times as the dollars it costs. So if a skirt is $30, I must know I will wear it at least 30 times. If not, it's not worth the buy.
*Local/ Handmade/ quality items I will pay full price on, so I save these for staple wardrobe pieces that I know can be worn over and over :)

I have shared my shopping secrets! I hope you find them helpful! I would love any suggestions you have as well! 
PS: This is not a sponsored post, just my gift to you. Please note all content is copyrighted, contact me for questions!

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