Jade's DIY Gold Wedding Gown

Did you know my handmade gown was picked as one of the best of 2013 amongst other designer wedding gowns? Thank you 100 layer cake for the honour and feature
After posting (here) about my stunning bridesmaids I received a ton of questions about my gown, so I am here in the 6 month anniversary of our wedding to share with you the process of my handmade gown!
I made my wedding dress in less than three weeks before our wedding. We had been engaged for 9 months and I tried on about 40 dresses, I didn't like any of them. I wanted a Marchesa. I set myself up for wedding dress disaster before my search began! ;) What I wanted was unachievable and I ended up wedding dress-less so close to the wedding that I didn't really give myself any other choice!
So without further adieu, my gown in pictures. It started as fabric, and a skirt pattern to work from. Then I dyed the fabric, created my own skirt pattern and built the dress up from there! I had a beaded top half, and gauzy sheer bottom half with a chapel length train!
 Mom and I playing designer.
It had to be just so.
Mom, the sewing super hero!
 Then I hung the dyed fabric in our vintage claw foot bathtub :)
We almost have a wedding gown! Knocked it out in just a couple days!
 My sister and her huge wedding bling below helped with the train ;)
 And three weeks later....
Colored photos by Benj Haisch.
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  1. So so so so stunning!!! Obviously this would be picked as best of the best. It was gorgeous. Can't wait to see more from you doll. xoxo

  2. Amazing! Did you guys do all the beading or buy fabric with beading on it? My mom is making my wedding dress so its fun to see how your process went! I'm a month away from my wedding so it's crunch time!

  3. Wow I cannot believe you made it!!! It's so so so so so gorgeous!!

  4. A wedding gown in three weeks? This proves how highly skilled you all are. It’s nice to see your family working on a fabulous craft. The details and the fabric truly make for a great wedding gown all together.

    Carroll Hall @

  5. I really enjoyed this post! Those dress were beautiful, and that i just like the alternatives offered to the standard unsupported queer y Wedding Dress. and that i love of these dress...and conjointly they appear to be additional flattering to the form....I have no plan why ladies looks to like large netting and lace.

  6. Such an utterly beautiful dress :)

    Ally // Digital Diva


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