Roma: Travel in Style

For those that do not know, I'm currently in Rome!!! I will be updating my Instagram regularly, so be sure to follow along as I take you through the streets, food, and outfits of Italy. 


National Wear Red Day

National Wear Red Day is celebrated in both the United States and England in the month of February, the only difference being they are celebrated on different days. Seeing as how I'm American but living in England, I've picked a random day in between ;) This day is to bring attention and awareness to heart disease, the leading cause of death in women. In the United States alone, heart disease kills more women than all cancers combined! For those who missed my post last year, you can read a bit of my story about survival of heart disease. 
So what does this mean for you? 
It means you need to be aware of the signs associated with heart disease, so that if you have it, it can be treated early on. 
My favorite ways to take care of my heart?
~ Stay active, they call it cardio for a reason!
~ Pinot Noir, seriously. One glass is all you need!
~ Sodium control, not only do I never use salt for flavor, I don't eat canned soups or beans etc unless they have been rinsed with water to remove the excess sodium. 
 Be kind to your heart! 


DIY Floral Crown Halo

We saw such a huge response, especially on Pinterest to my DIY floral halo from last spring for Wedding Chicks. I realized I never posted it here and wanted to share unseen photos and footage of the DIY with my lovely readers as we start to head into Spring 2014! If you want to check out other featured and famous accessory DIY's from yours truly, click to the new DIY page! Every month I'll be adding fashionable (and no-sew) Do-It-Yourself projects!  

Floral Crown DIY:
Step 1: Collect materials, both old and new. I have had collected all of these different feathers through the years from Etsy and eBay. You can find so many suppliers, just search for 'millinery supplies'. 
Step 2: Choose your color palette and start laying out your supplies piece by piece so you can begin to conceptualize in your head what you want your halo to look like.

Step3: Create a halo buy measuring the floral wire to your head, cut the wire two inches longer than what your head measures at. These extra two inches allow you to create loops for closing the wire and give some extra room for comfort.

Step 4: Cover your wire with a fabric of choice if you what to hide it from beneath the feathers and flowers, if you want a more rustic look you can skip this part. I used a scarp piece of vintage tulle to wrap around the wire. 
 Step 5: Begin to add the base texture to your halo, this will be any material you want to have behind your flowers to help fill in space and add some volume. I chose ostrich feathers an peacock feathers. I secured the feathers by wrapping cotton sewing thread around their base, securely looping them around the wire. If you want to add glue to the wires before placing the feathers that will create extra security, but can easily become messy!!
Step 6: Now it's time to add your flowers! Most millinery flowers come attached to wire, so I wrapped the wire of the flower around the floral wire halo base. The feather flowers I made, so they did not have wire, I glued them to the halo and then hand stitched them onto the tulle I first placed over the wire in step 4. Continue this step with all of the flowers you want to add to your halo. 
Step 7: Fill in any spaces you see by gluing your extra feathers an fabric into these spots.
 Mini versions of this can easily be made for flower girls and bridesmaids following the same steps but using much smaller flowers. Enjoy ladies! xoxo- Jade Rose
DIY creative: Jade Rose E. Topper of Jade Rose Blog 
Photographer: Anthem Photography
MUAH: Kendra Stanton of Citizens of Beauty 
Nails: Tara at Skin Tight Spa


Valentines Day outfit remix

A great option for styling this Heart Cocktail Hat DIY! This lips blouse with plaid trousers was a fun pattern remix for a sun day full of sweets! Happy Valentines Day loves!
Plaid trousers: H&M (c/o) // Lips Blouse: Lady Evelyn UK (opening soon!) // Quilted Bag: thrifted // Heart Cocktail Hat DIY


DIY Fashion for Valentine's Day

I've never been one to celebrate Valentines day, I eat chocolate all the time. But I do love an excuse to make pretty things! For those who do not know, I am a self taught milliner, I haven't made a hat in years but thought I would craft together a much easier/ simpler version for all of you who love crafting but want something different and unique! In case you missed last months DIY, it was a huge hit! Why not have another! I present, a Valentines Cocktail Hat!! 
 Supplies: Felt, craft glue, sequin trim, and ribbon ties!
Step 1: Cut out heart from your piece of felt.
Step 2: Starting from the outside, begin gluing the sequin trim to the felt.

Step 3: Continue gluing the sequin trim following the shape of the heart and working your way towards the center, one row at a time.
 Step 4: Glue your ribbon ties to the back of the heart. I suggest placing the heart on your head to determine ribbon placement.
Voila! Wear your new sparkly accessory to your Valentines Day Party!!!

If you decide to make this hat, Instagram @JadeRoseBlog and #WearLadyEvelyn !!


27th Birthday Suit: All White Outfit

A february birthday in the Pacific NorthWest means you have a high possibility of what I like to call "a  white birthday". Much like a White Christmas, your White Birthday is usually one of the best gifts as a kid because that means NO SCHOOL!!! Well, this year, Portland is having a very white weekend that could have given me a white birthday. Alas, we now live in England and that deck of cards will have to wait a few years. Until then, I decided to celebrate in my own way: I LOVE this all white outfit pieced together using my favorite tuxedo blazer and quilted midi skirt from Topshop. Cheers to welcoming in my own version of a white birthday, and cheers to 27! Shop this look at the bottom of the post!
 To prove my Portland snow point, here is a lovely video I was surprised with form some of my dear friends in Portland. Full of inside jokes (#TOWIE) and ridiculousness, it's Portland for you!
                         Happy Birthday Jade Rose from PDXessex from Liz Vice on Vimeo.


The Best Birthday Bow Heels

I picked up these beautiful yellow bows as an early Birthday present to myself. Thank you Zara sale!


How to style DIY

The title of this post seems pretty obvious... it's Super Bowl Sunday and I am no longer in the States, so I am giving you my simple outfit I wore with this DIY slouchy faux fur vest! The perfect outfit for running errands when it's 32 degrees out! (fahrenheit)
Skinnies: Lucky Brand (c/o) // Booties: Zou Styles (c/o)
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