Holiday Capsule Wardrobe: Italy

I will be in Italy this week/ weekend to style an editorial with one of my favorite photographers form the States!! This work trip has also turned into a mini vacation as my husband will now be joining (yay!) to ring in our first year anniversary as Mr. & Mrs. We will be celebrating two weeks early in the Italian Riviera! Over this time it is also the 4th of July, so back in the States our friends and family will be celebrating with fireworks, food, and sparkly things. That is why I had to throw in my new-to-me thrifted sequin skirt from Topshop- but do I really need an excuse to wear sequins in Italy?! 
Why a capsule wardrobe? 
We are unable to bring carry on suitcases or luggage(!), in order to fit everything into a beach bag (giant purse I will say) I needed to make sure I could make multiple outfits out of a small amount of pieces. The Zara basic tees in neutrals will pair perfectly with my statement skirts. Less is more! Now, to decide which bathing suit to bring!! Be sure to follow me on Instagram @JadeRoseBlog for current updates and behind the scenes photos! If you do not have instagram you can view those images at this link or even my facebook fanpage which I will try to update as well!!
Textures are important even on holiday!
For a night out!
 Keeping my nails neutral with "Jade Rose" by Chanel and my go-to beauty routine of tinted moisturizer and some Nars blush. 
 Most important accessory?! My passport ;)

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