Keeping it casual in Leeds, England

Leeds is home for the next few years, and although I miss Portland tremendously, it's little alleyways like this and shops nestled between pubs that make it ok to be on the other side of the world. Plus we get to travel to some amazing places :)
 I've been super busy designing and creating a new bridal collection being debuted this winter, the photo shoot is in a month in the States and I have so much to do before then!! I cannot wait to show you what I've been working on, so much pretty! This past weekend we walked on the other side of town in Leeds, the part of downtown we never go, and it was so cute!!! It reminded me very much of Portland. Soon Portland, I'll be home soon!!


  1. I love your blouse, and the jewelry in your hair! Such a great idea. Good luck with your wedding collection! I would miss home, too, being so far away from it!

  2. Your colourful floral pattern on a dark background works well with the lace pencil skirt. Very classy! It's every girl's dream to design wedding dresses and this is your life for real!

  3. Hi Jade I'm so glad to find your blog via the Ruby Girl link up. This look is beautiful. You called it a casual look but it is very fancy with your accessories. I like the contrast of the floral shirt with the lace skirt. You have great style. I would love to invite you to join the #WhatWivesWearLinkUp. If you are interested we link up every Thursday at I hope you can join us. Have a great weekend! ~Sherri

  4. Great look, love the hair accessory. I went to England last year, such a beautiful place. Cool blog.



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