Leeds West Indian Carnival

(costume prep)
Yesterday our neighborhood had a fabulous party and parade celebrating culture with bright costumes and delicious jerk chicken! I loved the performers and the bold outfits! We started our day off with walking down the block (through the rain and wind) to the local park that was filled with vendors serving jerk chicken, goat curry, and if you were lucky- Jamaican Rum. Music was blasting (we're talking 10 speakers to each front yard) every few houses. My lungs were vibrating to the tunes of reggae and our bellies were full of some home cookin'. We finished the afternoon by cheering on and dancing with the procession of beautifully handmade costumes. They all started posing for me and the camera ;) Enjoy a little piece of our world! 
(Happy Husband)
Waiting for the parade, rum punch in a posh glass ;)
Like mother... daughter!
 A fabulous time was had by all!

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