Holiday sequins outfit with H&M

Sequins are a staple in my closet. From muted and dark sequins to bold and bright, the only pink you will find in my wardrobe is in the form of a sequin skirt. This first week of December on Jade Rose Blog is to promote self confidence and you being you. I will be showing you several ways I like to style my sequin wardrobe, and it's to give you ideas on how you can express yourself through your own clothing. 
I want to challenge you this week to wear something you love that is out of the ordinary for you, whether that be sequins, fur, a crazy color, rainbow tights (I rocked those all the time as a pre-teen), whatever it may be. Find out what your style is, and celebrate being you. There are too many people trying to be like someone else. 
 Fur maxi coat: Vintage // White Stilettos: Daniel Footwear (c/o) // Robert Cavalli: SmartBuyGlasses (c/o) // Sequins: H&M 

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