Yorkshire Winter

Dressing for winter in Yorkshire can be a tricky feat, it is freezing, usually rainy or in this case snowing and it stays this way for several months. By the end of January you are already itching for sunshine and holidays down south, you stop caring about being freezing and start caring about your wardrobe again. Which is exactly what birthed this outfit. Who cares if it's snowing, I feel like wearing a leather skirt and stockings! As we prepare and pack for our holiday next week (sunshine and 65 degrees fahrenheit) I can't help but slowly want to stash away the winter clothing.
Sunnies: Roberto Cavalli (c/o) // Veil: Lady Evelyn // Coat: UO // Boots: Zara


All Black Zara

Snow day!!! We woke up to snow this morning and by accident I wore an entirely all black outfit made from a few of my favorite Zara pieces. This Zara dress and leather jacket combo is a repeat from Rome and the boots are keeping my toes up and away from the freezing snow! 
Stunning headdress can be found HERE


Yorkshire Wind

Living in West Yorkshire means you have very grey, dreary, cold winters. Let's be honest, it's like that the majority of the year. Not like Portland, Oregon where we say it rains all the time, because in Portland you get a real summer. You know, the kind that last for longer than two weeks and is actually warm ;)
My point is that I have been staying inside, catching up on some light reading, drinking plenty of tea. and using the little daylight we have to create some new pieces (for Lady Evelyn of course). This hat has flown away one too many times but is needed to make my tangled, wind swept hair look boho chic.


SHErlock Holmes

SHErlock Holmes look by yours truly. I am anxiously awaiting the return of Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman. Winter camel wool coat courtesy of H&M. 
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