Red Blazer Pom Pom | Valentines Day DIY

because life is more fun with poms poms. I am back from Marrakech as of yesterday and am feeling refreshed, inspired, and a little unprepared for the cold British weather. This pom pom trim makes me happy, and since I've been in an all black everything mood in wintry England, I decided to add some red to my outfit in honor of it being February! Last Valentines day I brought you this fab DIY sequined cocktail hat, and wanted to share another wearable, quirky DIY! It is super easy, fun, and creates more spunk to your blazer. You can follow use this DIY on anything! I'm going to pom bomb our flat...

Pom-Pom Blazer DIY by Jade Rose Blog
1) Gather your supplies, I am providing you with a sew/ no sew option below (you're welcome).
2.) Pin your trim under the lapel of your blazer, have the trim go as far up the blazer as you would like, but be sure to start at the bottom of the lapel near the buttons.
3.) Baste stitch (by sewing machine or by hand) I prefer using the sewing machine as it makes the process much quicker! Especially with my new Brother sewing machine! This particular machine is actually really great for me as it's the perfect size and weight for traveling, so if I really wanted to sew while on the go, I can now!
4.) Trim off any extra pieces, and tada!
*No Sew: Use Hollywood sticky tape for super temporary accent. See the differences below*
Outfit with this blazer coming next week! Just in time for some Valentines Day inspo.


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