Saturday, August 30, 2014

Travel: Palma De Mallorca, Spain

(The first thing you see when you  land, the beautiful coast line_
Summer is almost gone so I figured why not wrap it up by reliving last months summer adventure to Spain! In July I got to visit the Spanish Islands for the first time and was completely smitten upon arrival. The sunshine, reading on the beach (and in the warm water), the delicious tapas and seafood, the sun kissed beach goers, the old architecture, it was very much refreshing and very much needed!  Palma resembled Southern California beaches but with Hawaiian waters, it was the old Spanish architecture that continued to remind us that we were indeed in Spain. This trip was all about relaxing and eating, the next trip will be about adventure and exploring!
 I would recommend the islands, but I have also heard great things about Spanish mainland and cannot wait to book our trip to Barcelona, until then, enjoy some photos of the Spanish Islands on your Saturday morning! 
(so many old buildings clumped together with tiny alleyways in between)
(courtyards and balconies full of beautiful palms)
After exploring the old city in the morning, grab lunch and head to the beach!!
I look forward to exploring Spain even further, and next time I promise more photos ;)
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Friday, August 29, 2014


The 2015 collection of Lady Evelyn by Jade Rose debuts Winter 2014!
Follow #WearLadyEvelyn on instagram as we head to the USA for our collection photo shoot! 
 The above is a sneak peek at a bridal editorial from Tuscany, Italy where last month I styled both veils and this gorgeous lace gown for my new bridal line, Lady Evelyn! I've been patiently waiting to share the images with you and that time has almost arrived!
 Lady Evelyn is for the sophisticated and glamourous woman, the detail oriented, hard working chic lady in all of us. Designing and creating this gown brought os much joy that I've decided to do it again for the debut collection! I cannot wait to show you what I've been working on these past few months and why I've not been as active on Jade Rose Blog. Stay tuned!! 
In the meantime, what do you think?!

{For order inquiries, please email}
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