Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Black & White | Floral & Striped

 Black and white are uniform colors that will never go out of style, although the trendy bandwagon of every designer for Spring may have tainted the color duos classic expression, I'd still like to consider it a perfect match, especially for adding statement pieces and bold colors! For this outfit, I was inspired by the Parisians, which is glittered about my inspiration boards on Pinterest. I have begun pulling together outfits for a last minute trip to France with my husband!! I surprised him a few days ago as an early (by 3 months) first year wedding anniversary gift! We still have a couple weeks but the South of France cannot come soon enough! We are looking forward to wine and sunshine and a lot of relaxation!
I changed into flats for the majority of the day ;) Thanks mom!
Taking a break and wearing my favorite pieces form Coast stores in England. The Mae striped skirt and the Dionne knit jumper! If you've been to France, I would love your suggestions of what we must see/ do! I hope you are all having a lovely week, can you believe it's mid April!!! ahhh!!
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Friday, April 11, 2014

Travel Italy: What to pack

To save on money, we only take a carry on when we travel. For most airlines that's enough, but when you travel cheap (I mean really cheap) the "carry on" they allow you to have is no bigger than a standard purse. So I've grown accustom to packing light whilst still remaining true to my everyday style.
And ever since I posted what I wore in Rome , I have received many questions on what I recommend to pack for trips to Italy. Obviously this varies on which region you are going to and what time of year, so I have collated my standard "vacation list" wardrobe options. Be aware- it's very small, but if you're curious about what to expect fashion wise, you can check out a fashionistas guide to Italy.
My top 4 Traveling in Style Options
#1. The Dress. I always pack dresses, short or long. The carefree ease of a dress on vacation (where I know we will all be eating a lot) makes everything more enjoyable and still put together. Plus this can be worn multiple days in multiple ways. I shop at Zara and Mango for these!
#2. Leather Jacket. If you are traveling in the high heat of summer this can be replaced by a lighter cardigan or kimono, anything that can cover your shoulders and arms for the necessary trips to beautiful basilicas and for protection from the weather elements. 
#3. A Hat. I wear wool hats in the winter and straw hats in the summer, protect your skin and cover up day old dirty hair! Win win. 
#4. Ballet flat/ sandal. They are comfortable enough to walk in whilst still looking stylish. Zara always has great options for the current season, every summer I go through a pair!
(Photo 1) // (Photo 2) // (Photo 3)
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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Anthropologie Lace Trousers

...because I need to wear these more than just 3 times, Spring and summer seem to be the perfect season! High waisted lace crops from Anthropologie. Elephant Parade necklace from Lady Evelyn.
Did I mention it has officially been 6 months since we set foot in our new country? October 9th feels like a lifetime ago, so many changes and experiences have occurred between the windy Fall and sunny Spring. We finally feel settled into our flat, our first home together. (Pictures to come soonish, I promise). We are both feeling quite busy with our work, his writing/ teaching and my designing/ visual merchandising and we are enjoying the little vacations we get here and there. (We plan on taking full advantage of our new location, so close to so many beautiful countries- You're only young once!!) So, cheers to new seasons, new beginnings, and a new chapter of life. 
As a side note, I am still unable to call England home, our flat I can call home, but not England. That may take time, or may never come. Either way, I feel home when I'm working next to my husband even when I'm missing my home in Portland, Oregon.
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