Saturday, April 25, 2015

Lady Evelyn Bridal Accessories | Made in Yorkshire, England

Stunning bridal headbands, veils, combs, "halos", garters, gowns and hair "vines" are part of the Lady Evelyn Collection. Launched in December of 2014 and already featured in countless magazines and bridal blogs, the Lady Evelyn collection is quickly becoming the go-to bridal destination in the UK for stylish brides to purchase one of a kind accessories. Some of my favorites are below, check them out!

The 'GWEN' Gold Plated White Rhinestone Vine
Bridal gold plated leaf vine

The 'OPAL' Rhinestone Halo

The 'JUNE' Embroidered Ball Gown

The 'EDITH' Art Deco Rhinestone Headband
All designs by Lady Evelyn // Images by Maria Lamb Photography // MUAH by Renee Bruhn 
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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Dancing into Monday

The streets of Northern England are lined with stone, the houses fenced off with decorative wrought iron or white picket fences, trellises with greenery and flowers climbing up trying to reach the splinter of sunshine in the sky. The air is clean, and muffled laughter could be heard from the pubs you find on every corner. and this day? This day was just me, my best friend, and several hours of freedom from work or responsibility. It felt so good to take a day of rest. Ready and recharged, I danced my way into Monday.
ASOS Elephant Hair Scarf, Zara pleather joggers, a soft cotton tee from Victorias Secret PINK, skinny heels made for dancing, and my staple wool camel coat (c/o) H&M.
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