White Winter Coat

Winter has officially descended upon Portland, Oregon and rain gear + warm accessories is a must. Naturally, I am drawn to my North Face womens jackets. I own a few of their classics (fleece, snowboarding gear) but have never owned a more casual, lightweight jacket of theirs. This year I chose the waterproof 'every day' jacket, and I LOVE it!

My favorite part of this jacket is how slimming it is (especially as a white). The cut fits perfect everywhere and is super breathable, allowing me to layer as necessary. I styled the jacket as my "everyday/ running around to do errands" outfit while still looking fashionable. I am super pleased with this light weight option, and the hood is wide enough to go over hats and beanies! I've found a new North Face jacket favorite!

I paired it with the most cozy gloves, The North Face gloves paired well and will match the rest of my ensemble.

The North Face Jacket c/o MACYS & THE NORTH FACE. Pants: HM. Booties: CLARKS. Hat: UO.

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She said Yes

"I promise you me"

With friends and family by my side, I exited the limo (Parts 1, 2, 3, 4) and walked to shore. My heart racing, knees wobbly, mouth smiling, all that I could see around me was natural beauty. I looked out over the  beautiful lake and saw the love of my life in a canoe, making his way toward me. After calling out his name (literally) he began to row over. 
 My thoughts in this moment:
"He's in a canoe! He's here! We're finally together again! He's going to propose! He's here!!! Would it be ok if I ran to him? How am I going to get in with these heels?! He's here!!"

A single red rose. Every time Ryan would pick me up from the airport or come home after not seeing each other for months he would hand me a single red rose... 

Then he brought out his guitar...  he began to play a song he wrote for me. 

The only photo I had snapped all day... it's still one of my most popular instagrams...

Picture perfect

Then he stopped singing...

And pulled a little black box out of the guitar case...

I started to cry before he could speak...

and said "YES!"

and kept staring at the perfect ring he picked out for me...
  We made it back to shore...

Had tear filled moments...

...pure joy.

and a private picnic in the forest...

Our perfect day didn't end on the lake in front of a majestic mountain. We left the candle lit picnic and headed home where we planned to watch a movie and bask in our joy, except "home" was actually our friends' house... where he had a surprise engagement party planned :) The day ended with our loved ones. 

I couldn't be more thankful, humbled, or happy to have the family I do. I was reminded of that yesterday as I got to celebrate Thanksgiving with both of our families (our first split holiday). This is a chapter in my life that I will always turn to and remember. I'm excited to share our journey with all of you :) Thank you for reading!


The Longest Ride of My Life

Happy Thanksgiving!
I am thankful for everyone in this post, for my family, for my readers, and for my friends. I am blessed.
(Part 1, 2, and 3 of our proposal can be found at the links)

Much to my surprise, as I left the building where he and I first met, I see in the parking lot an entire group of friends from through out the day who partook in each location. They were all smiling and super excited, next to them? The longest stretch hummer in Oregon ;) 

Complete with bubbly, balloons, and music, we celebrated what was yet to come!

and then the driver passed a letter to me, my to-be sisters put on some Nat King Cole, and I got really excited!! (and emotional)

 After a good hour I was getting anxious... and looked out the window. "Are we going to the beach?!"

and just after his last promise...


Long boarding in a Dress

A favorite summer past time of mine has always been long boarding... lo and behold, part 3 starts with me in my dress and tights cascading down Mt Tabor on a long board... (Part 1 and Part 2).  Before dating, Ryan and I would casually ride around town on our long boards (he had to think that was impressive lol) and spend hours just hanging out as great friends. On Saturday, my good friends (and brothers) awaited my arrival at the top of Mt Tabor with an extra long board in hand. 

Luckily, I had brought flats to work that day (I walk 45 mins each way to work) and didn't have to long board in my heels. 
After many screams, laughs, and 'fear my life' jumps off the board because it was going way too fast for me to handle (downhill and winding road) I finally made it to the bottom, where some of my closest friends and favorite people were waiting, looking fabulous might I add!!!
 (The ladies balancing our way down the rest of the hill, Bryan showing his skills)
From here, (after I opened one of the most meaningful promises) we all caravanned to the next location...

He brought me back to where it all began, Multnomah University. In the mail room. 
You see, I first met Ryan when I walked into the student building at Multnomah University (where he was attending) we immediately made eye contact (we're talking 100 ft away from each other) and neither would look away. I got so flustered that I booked it into the mail room where my dear friend Rachel helped me calm down from giddy excitement (what was that?!) and brought me back out of the mail room where we "opened her mail"/ waited to see if Ryan would come talk to me...

In the room was our good friend Hannah (who Ryan has written and played many songs with) and she began to serenade me as I opened yet another letter written by him (retrieved from that exact mailbox). His sisters and E from earlier all chimed in and surprised me by being at this location as well!
After recounting more memories, being given another promise, and lots of hugs and giggles from girl friends, they lead me out back to the parking lot.... and much to my surprise I find....

Come back tomorrow for a post full of many exciting pics!!! 
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