Bird Print Tunic Dress #FTW

#FTW can be directly translated to 'for the win'. This dress has been my go-to for Spring, now Summer and I don't see myself stopping anytime soon.  Add my fav yellow heels from Zara with my favorite #ZaraDaily denim and I'm good to go! The British summer has begun, that means mild temperatures, bits of sunshine, thunderstorms, and relatively cool weather. You won't see me running around in shorts and a tank, but I promise some British summer outings. Complete with a tea party.
Heels/ Denim: Zara // Tunic: Lady Evelyn


National Doughnut Day

Happy National (USA) Doughnut Day!!! I don't think this day exists in England, but I am celebrating either way. Pink, sprinkles, and a sweet dough. What my younger self would have loved to eat, but what I cannot stand as an adult! Although I'm not a doughnut fan, I appreciate the delectable prettiness (adj?) of these circular pastries. Without further adieu, my date with doughnuts. 
(This is what happens when my husband leaves the country...)
 I hope you get to eat a delicious doughnut today!!! Have fun!


#HMSummer knit tunic

Open knit, embroidery, a bold color combo, and summery floral pattern has me loving this tunic form H&M SO MUCH! I couldn't find one in my size and didn't even care with going 3 sizes too big ;) Perfect for the beaches of Santorini or walks in the English country side. I recommend you get your paws on one of these little pretties before they sell out! Here I am across the street from where we will be moving in a month, a beautiful neighborhood, I cannot wait to share more details! Be looking for that long awaited flat tour soon!

Coat: Topshop // Flats: Tieks (c/o) // Tunic: H&M Trend (c/o) // Shades: Roberto Cavalli (c/o)
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