York in 24 Hours

As you know from here and here we started our first of many 24 hour trips in the UK. As we have breaks from Uni and work (and the funds) we will take mini vacations in 24 hours or less. York was our first stop as it is the closest to us in Leeds. The most quaint city that is completely enclosed in castle walls built hundreds of years ago, York was founded by the Romans in 71 AD!!!! It is the epitome of English quaint with cobble stone roads, buildings and architecture only out of fairy tales (like The Shambles I'm pictured in below), and friendly folk that love local farmers markets.  Our favorite experience was going to Friday night prayer at the York Minster, it was the most beautiful experience we've had since being in the UK.
 I present to you, 24 hours in York with pictures. 
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Plaid Trousers

I love the look of tartan plaid, especially in the Fall! Every Fall we see this trend on the runway with the likes of Tory Burch and Louis Vuitton. For as long as I can remember, I would start each school year with some plaid. This year I was treated to plaid trousers, a new "thing" for me, and a different direction from my typical plaid pencil skirt or scarf. I added my new heeled booties (or heels that are trying to be booties) and created the perfect outfit for an evening at the art gallery. These trousers, courtesy of H&M are being worn in a variety of ways out here in England. My favorite look is with a chunky knit sweater and heels. That will definitely be gracing the blog at some point. 
In other news, we are official residents of England(!) in a lovely and posh neighborhood full of young professionals and the national cupcake winner.... so excited about that! These pics were taken on our new street :) 


Meet Jade Rose

fashion blogger
 Hello loves! Check out my new "about me" picture from the talented fashion photographer Arthur Benavides!! Hair and make up by my beauty blogging best friend Kendra Stanton and styling by yours truly. We snapped these pics on one of my last days in the states, what a good way to leave Portland, collaborating with creatives! Kendra rocked it as always ;) (seriously, book her before she moves away from Portland to Austin)!! Fashion Photographer Arthur has hit the ground running in Portland, I am looking forward to seeing his published work!!
*Remember when I got this hat for super cheap in Idaho?!
Yeah, well, I wore it onto the plane out to London because I didn't want to crush it. Unfortunately, I forgot I had taken it off and left it on the bus after 24 hours of traveling. :(

I wanted to take the time to answer a few questions as I've been receiving so many inquiries about our recent move!
Jade Rose Topper
Where are you living? 
Leeds, United Kingdom. Also referred to as Yorkshire.
Where are you (Jade Rose) from?
Portland, Oregon. (PDX, stumptown, etc.)
Why did you move? 
My lovely husband was accepted into a top research program to obtain his PhD in the next three years.
How long will you be in England? 
At least three years, maybe longer if my husband needs the extra time or my job requires it.
What are you doing while you're in England?
Besides sharing this part of the world with you on my blog, I will be spending my time creating beautiful masterpieces! Or something like that... but really, I am setting up shop again and cannot wait to share all of my pieces with you! I am also working with a high street retailer doing fancy shmancy things to bring home the bacon. Werk it.
You design?!
I know, I know. I have failed in this area of my "wardrobe & design" blog. Yes, I really do design! I create pieces from start to finish and hand stitch the tiniest of details. I make limited edition, specialized pieces. As we have only been in England a few weeks (almost 3!) I am hesitant to announce what exactly it is I am working on, as circumstances change daily. Needless to say, I will begin incorporating my work into this fashion blog. 
Are you a UK blogger or US blogger?
Both, Jade Rose Blog is a global ambassador of style. My style is not specific to a region, neither is my content. I cannot personally be defined to a region, therefore neither can Jade Rose Blog :) With that said, my biggest readership is still the US, with Eastern Europe being a close second and the UK in third. Seeing as how my address is that of the UK, I suppose I am technically a UK blogger.

Keep sending the questions and I'll keep answering them!!!
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