Nordstrom: How to keep the shape of your leather shoes

nordstrom wedges
This Christmas was full of new shoes and new cedar trees from Nordstrom! Unfortunately for our wallets the fiancé and I love shoes... nice shoes. Italian Leather for him, faux for me.
To keep the shape of our shoes we've invested in several pairs of shoe trees from Nordstrom. They have specific shoe trees for womens heels with a narrowed toe and petit size compared to the mens.
(This is not a sponsored post)
Mens dress shoes
Zara vamp heels
jade rose blog shoe post
nordstrom shoe trees
Do you use these? It's better than tissue paper!


Cotton 24 Hour NorthWest Finalist

cotton 24 hours finalist

In case you didn't see me blast this info over my social networking sites yesterday, I have officially made it to round 2 of 3 for Cotton Inc style search! I hope to represent my fond city of Portland and the Pacific Northwest as the style ambassador at the Runway show in Miami! 
You can help me get there by voting for me at this link! Many of you have helped me get this far, and I am so thankful for your help! Let's do this together, shall we?!


PNW Blog: Life in Idaho

I am back in Portland after a week in Southeast Idaho. It was literally below freezing, sub zero temperatures. (I didn't pack for that...) but I do love the high dessert cold, it's so dry that it can be bearable. However, the snow would not form into any shape, it was like sand!! Portland snow wins as the best kind of snow. :)
Anyways, it is my fiance's last semester!!! Wooo! It's been a long 2 years of of plane rides, skype dates, and letters, but he's almost finished with his masters! Here are some photos from my time in Idaho the last few days. I went to Idaho with an open creative mind, I ended up accomplishing a ton. I am SO, so, so excited for what's to come with my space here at Jade Rose Blog.  I can't wait to share it with all of you! Make sure you subscribe to the blog to find out! 
Pocatello Apartment
(His flat, art deco everywhere!)

home decor
(Man wall decor, he brought that water bottle from Mexico, I am so excited to live with him and decorate our home together!)

manly home decor
(I bought him this monkey before he moved away, love vintage toys, and it still works! clink, clink, clink)

house decor for men
(This absolutely describes him, I love that he displays everything :)

mens dress shoes and jeans
(His style, so handsome) 

Missing Idaho, but  it's back to the Portland grind...


Portland Street Style: Grey Outfit

Portland is Grey by Jade Rose
Jacket: Roxy (old, similar). Shirt: Thrifted. Scarf & Skinnies: HM (similar). Shoes: UO (similar here).

Portland fashion blogger Jade Rose

Pacific Northwest fashion

Jade Rose Blog fashion

Portland Street Style form Jade Rose Blog

I was running errands with my better half on a rather grey day (oh Portland) when the sun decided to peak out for a few moments but then shyly escape back behind the clouds. (See portlandia skit here, it's so true!) You'll notice the first few photos show the hint of sun and by the last photo it was grey and cold again. But alas, my grey induced outfit for running errands :) 
I'll be the first to admit that I wear these skinnies all too often (see herehere and here) but they are so comfy! 

What do your favorite pair of pants look like?!


Portland Fashion Blog: Fur Coat

Leopard print peacoat
Faux Fur Coat: UO. Wool Hat: UO. Jeans: HM. Bracelet: Sira & Mara. Glasses: La Font. 

Jade rose blog styling leopard

How to style leopard print

Jade rose style- hipster hat

Jade Rose leopard print
 (Oregon Gorge, ice cream pit stop)

This week I am in Southern Idaho, hanging out with my better half as he begins the final journey to his Masters program. In three months he will graduate and in 6 months we are getting married!!! (New series on our wedding planning coming soon!!!). PS- all I have is a venue, aaaaand panic. 

It has been below freezing out here, we're talking a high of 10 degrees. He and I went shopping before heading out and I found this coat which I fell in love with immediately. Now, I already had a cheetah print fur coat at home, but it didn't fit well. So I bought this baby, and thrifted my other coat. New in- Old out. Practicing the power of simplicity thanks to the encouragement of Chelsea with Seablanket. She and her husband (my neighbors!) live so simply and beautiful, it is the perfect reminder for all of us. Too easily I get caught up in stuff... primarily clothes. (Easy to do when you're a stylist and fashion blogger... or just human).

How about you! Do live by the motto 'new in/ old out'? Do you tend to collect stuff like me?!! Please tell me I'm not the only one! 


Jade Rose Styling: 1920's Wedding Style

Equestrian photo shoot
I was so excited when Maria of Anthem Photography asked me to style their vision for a 1920's equestrian shoot. It reminded me of a favorite childhood movie Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken. I was just as excited when I saw that it was featured on one of my go-to wedding and event styling blogs Birds & Honey! The hair and make-up was perfectly executed by celebrity beauty blogger Kendra Stanton of Citizens of Beauty, I couldn't be more happy with how it turned out. The creativity of this team was just amazing, I look forward to working with all of you ladies again soon!
1920's bridal portrait
Hair Accessory: Jade Rose for Sarah Seven (yours truly)
Dress: Sarah Seven
Jewelry: DemiMonde

More Images from this shoot can be found here by the end of the week!


Road to the Runway Finalist

Cotton; The FAbric of our Lives contest

I know I promised you beautiful photos today but a surprising email caught my attention and changed everything!
 If you didn't already know, People Magazine Style Watch and Cotton Inc are running a style search and have selected me as a finalist to represent the NorthWest!
I am beyond excited and thankful and I'm excited to share this fun little journey with you! Follow the link here and and you can vote for me to represent the NorthWest!
The winner gets a chance to win a trip to Miami for Cotton's Runway Show and YOU get a chance to win over $1,000!! 
And check out the other entries, everyone has great style! I submitted a photo for fun from this shoot, vote away lovelies!!
Jade Rose Blog Road To The Runway Finalist


Jade Rose Styling

Jade Rose Styling
I cannot wait to share this photo shoot with you tomorrow! It was featured online!! It will be a compilation of amazing style and great work between many super talented woman across the board. Check back tomorrow!!!  
Don't forget to follow me on Facebook for more photos and sneak peeks of my life as a Wardrobe Stylist!


What I Wore: Sequin Sweatshirt

On New Years Day I felt it only appropriate to start the new year off with a festive sparkly piece, my go to glitz is this comfy sweater from H&M! With my fiance still in town for another week, we have taking advantage of our time in between our to-do lists to have mini adventures. 
The first day of the year was actually sunny in Portland (!) so we ventured out into the cold and found a spot near the Columbia River where we could trot around on some train tracks. He began to snap pics for me (he's the master mind behind the best photos on this blog) and then we heard a loud horn.... and screaming around the corner much closer than we expected was a giant train!! I say giant, but really it was a normal sized train, they just look giant when they are that close!!! Needless to say, our mini adventure was cut short as we quickly jumped off the tracks and admired its power race past us. :)
Heeled Booties: Thrifted, Clarks. Chmabray: Thrifted, GAP. Oxblood Skinnies: H&M. Sequin Sweatshirt: H&M. Wool Coat: Urban Outfitters.


Best Christmas Present

My fiancé and I celebrated our Christmas a few days before the 25th to ensure time for ourselves with peace and quiet. We both bought each other amazing gifts... but my favorite of all?! You'll find out below ;)
I wore my classic outfit of black and white (outfit photos to come later that are not blurry)!

And my Christmas present?! In addition to my ring dish which is a beautiful class canoe, (see why here) he also wrapped up a little globe with a heart around a specific location.... 

We're going to Hawaii baby!!!


Jade Rose in 2013: gold and sequins

Welcome to 2013!!!
It has been such a delight to share parts of my life with you on this blog!! Thank you for reading and contributing!!! A quick recap to start the year off right, and what I'm looking forward to most in 2013!!

*Worked on feature films to debut this next coming year!

2013 I'll be....
*Getting Married
*Moving to wherever my fiancé gets into a PhD program
*Honeymooning and traveling
*Styling amazing projects and jobs
*Modeling and collaborating with big designers in the industry
*Celebrating 1 year of this blog!

and so many more exciting things in store!! I cannot wait to share everything with you! 
Enjoy this new week, create time for yourself, and look for the good in every situation. I am very thankful for you!! 
Cheers to a new year!
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