Weekend Wear in a Zara Sweater & Vera Wang ballet flats

When it's the weekend and actually sunny/ Spring-like in Leeds (totally not like today which is full of thunderstorms and rain) I can be found traipsing around in skinny jeans and comfy shoes. AFter yesterdays instagram post I realized I should post more of my casual outfits as I am most definitely not always in heels!! These feet need a break every now and again!! I hope everyone has a lovely memorial day weekend, I am thankful for those who serve our country, past and present!
Red Jumpber: Zara // Military coat: H&M (old) // Skinnies: H&M (c/o) // Spike toe Flats: Vera Wang (c/o mom) ;) // Sunnies: Primark



I wore this outfit on Saturday whilst the sun was shining bright in England! 
 Elephant Necklace: Lady Evelyn UK // Heels: Daniel Footwear (c/o)


Weekend Wear: Zara stripes

England's weekend was warm and sunny, with birds chirping and cats lounging. We took to one of the many, huge, gorgeous parks and relaxed in the sunshine. I tried catching up on my indefinitely long list of reading but fell asleep after only 15 minutes in the sun. Coincidentally, I matched the sunshine in these not so matching yellow stripes form Zara. A quirky mash up of the traditional Spring sailor vibe. I love the heart shape back created from a tied bow and button up. 
We had the place to ourselves. 
I hope you had a lovely weekend!!


Travel: Wine Tasting in the South of France

Wine tasting through the region of Chateau De Papa in the South of France was both nostalgic and dreamy. We drove through hills of vineyards, passed by ruins and castles, had the warm Mediterranean breeze flowing through the rented Volkswagen, just dreamy. It was relaxing, a road trip that took us 1200 miles through the landscape in just two days. As you know from here and here, we loved wine tasting in Oregon and the WIllamette Valley. So it was lovely to go again as we hadn't been since moving to England 8 months ago. To be tasting amongst some of the oldest vines and in the best region for wine in the world, was one of the coolest experiences for us. I wish I could send you a glass through the computer! 
{Vineyards for miles and miles.}

We were too busy enjoying the actual wine tasting to take photos of the wine or glasses, but it was incredible. Did you know that Rosé is super popular in the South of France? That shocked us both!


Travel the South of France: Chateau de Flaugergues

We walked what was to be 45 minutes in the South of France to find this Chateau, it turned into two hours, multiple circles, and stumbling upon a magnificent celebrity spa hidden within a vineyard. After 15 minutes of trying to fit in with the elite guests, we sheepishly walked up to the front desk asking for directions to our final not-so-elite. We had been going the right way all along, who knew?! After rejuvenating in the air conditioning of the rich mans lobby, complete with chilled wine and a list of rooms that start at $600 a night, we made our way. Hidden away from the main street, tucked behind a long driveway of giant sycamore trees was this rustic, quiet, and breezy compaound. Within the compound we discovered the secret gardens and chateau. This was one of my favorite experiences, the gardens were so relaxing. We had the place to ourselves, minus two or three tourists. After all, it was the beginning of May, and apparently the French vacation for half the month of May!
 My outfit of the day, it was too warm for a hat! Dress: Zara.
 Who wants to go with us on our next trip to France?!! 
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