Leopard Print Camo Military Jacket

Comfy and cute, I wore this leopard print camo jacker for running around to thrift shops. 
PS: I'm loving the head scarf these days :)

Jacket: UO. Skinnies: Banan Republic. Scarf: thrifted. Top: Banana Republic. Wedges: UO.


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Photo by Alex Lianopoulos Photography
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TOPSHOP Tiger Print and Black and White Stripes

If you follow me on instagram you saw this outfit when I went to my first cookie bar last week :)

jade rose blog outfit

Topshop nordstrom OOTD

Happy St. Patrick's Day weekend!!! 
I am Scottish and Irish by heritage and extremely proud of my roots. Since it was actually sunny last week I decided you needed to see photos of this awesome sweater!! I picked up this Patty's Day green two weeks ago from the specialty TOPSHOP store at Nordstrom!! I loved this tiger print sweater online, felt it was too bulky in person but am still in love with the embroidered detail!!

"heeeey! The sun is too bright!"


Black and White

Jade Rose Blog: black and white
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German sweater in St. Johns

For those of you who gushed about this instagram last month, I finally got around to posting the photos!
portland street style

Deer sweater

jade rose style blog

My beautiful German friend Tabea bought me this sweater while I was staying with her in Hamburg, I loved her sweater so much that as a goodbye gift (I had only known her for 4 days!) she bought me one so we could match :) It's been over a year but I get to visit her soon!!! More on that coming! Eeeee

Ps, these last few days have seriously turned my hair super red! I can dye it black and it will still turn red… there's no hope! Also, my freckles are coming out!!! Freckle faced Jade with big glasses, it's like I never grew out of my childhood ;) 
jade rose blog style

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