I Woke Up Like This Beauty Secrets

(I'm a morning person... time 8:45 am)
I woke up like this, literally, an hour before taking these photos. Do not underestimate the power of sleep and eating your greens! Those who know me personally and those of you who are observant readers of my blog will know that I am a very low-maintenance beauty person. I could just be lazy, I could only be hiding behind my giant glasses (they're like eyeliner- right?), but honestly, I always felt like I was lying to the world if I chose to wear make-up. Is that weird? That seems weird to type out... ha! I am telling you this because I think it's important to know what your body needs before the makeup and clothes so that it can look it's best and grow your confidence. When I feel I do need to wear make up, it is because I haven't been taking care of myself on the inside. Physically, emotionally, dietary. And I think that makes a big difference in our daily lives. I will say it's easier to go sans make-up in the summer months... 
My "beauty" routine consists of the following not-so-secret-anymore steps:
1. Eat daily allotment of veggies and healthy protein
2. Exfoliate skin every other day with warm water, then lightly moisturize. No soap! 
3. Get at least 6 hours of sleep (this one is so important). 
4. "Me" time. I am an incredibly social person, but in order to be this way without going insane or losing patience, I need alone time. I need the freedom to dance like an idiot to music, and I need the chance to collect my thoughts for the day/ week/ month.
Take care of you on the inside and your confidence will grow :) 
*I will say that when I've not had enough sleep or I've had too much junk food, a little NARS bronzer is my go-to. It saves the day.
Sequin Jogger Shorts: Zara // Leopard Print Slip-Ons: Dublin souvenir ;) // Shirt: found on eBay


Hippie Chic

Happy Tuesday, friends. The sun ran away from England today so it's looking pretty drab and grey out. My hair is trying to survive the sun-bleached damage it got from Spain and France, on top of my stubbornness of not getting it cut. (I'm waiting to chop these split ends off in Portland). Anyway, back to the weather ;) It's the perfect day to rock my new flower power skirt. I saw it on the sale rack (an exclusive online return!) and knew it had to come home with me. It's very much a Jade skirt: quirky, unique, and feminine. Plus, it looks great with my favorite summertime heels! I've spent the day prancing around our flat in this outfit, feeling like a real adult as usually working from home means cut off shorts and a baggy sweatshirt. So this outfit is a welcomed change, as I've definitely been more productive! I must say, working from home as I design and create a new bridal accessory line has taken much longer than anticipated, but I am finally seeing the end of the road with this stage of the process, and I cannot wait to share all of the pretty with you! Travel posts from my 3 weeks abroad will be coming shortly, but there are so many photos to filter through! Let me know what you think of the skirt!
Skirt: River Island (sold out) // Top: Rhianna for R.I. (sold out) // Kimono: Chiara Fashion (c/o) // Heels: Daniel Footwear (c/o) // Glasses: LaFont


Italian Riviera Photoshoot in the Olive Groves

(The grounds of the mansion, we decided it looked too much like Hawaii and made our way to the olive grove)
As you may remember from this post, my husband and I were just in Italy 3 weeks ago so that I could style a bridal editorial and to celebrate our one year anniversary. We stayed up north in the Italian Riviera, photographer Maria Lamb of Anthem Photography made time out of the busy schedule to take anniversary photos of us to commemorate. The bouquet was just an extra from the editorial that was the day before, my hair the aftermath of swimming in the Italian Riviera, and my skirt was a fun eBay win from Topshop :) I hope you enjoy the photos as much as we do!! Maria is incredibly talented and works worldwide, in fact, we're already planning ahead for more international work ;) Contact her at Anthem Photography! PS: You may notice I'm on my tippy toes in a few of these, I wasn't about to bring heels to the Italian Riviera, I want the sand in my toes ;)
I am in love with these photos, it's amazing to me that Maria captured the love we have so perfectly, so sweet and pure and genuine. Thank you Maria!!!


Jeff Koons for H&M: The golden balloon dog

H&M has partnered with famous NY artist Jeff Koons to bring you a limited edition designer bag in the campaign "Fashion Loves Art"! They just held a party last week in New York at the opening of their biggest store yet, you can check out photos from the grand opening of their 5th avenue store on Vogue! When H&M asked me to feature the limited edition bag I jumped at the chance to have my very own Jeff Koons piece, especially since this is one of his most popular works! Thank you H&M, keep up the amazing collaborations!! If you want your own bag (of course you do) you can head to your local H&M if you live in New York or LA, otherwise you can find it online at H& I love the versatility and quirkiness of this bag, and am excited to wear it on nights out or to run errands. 
PS: You may notice the purple streaks in my hair or the flared leg jeans, I'm having an early 2000's moment ;) 
 Jeff Koons bag: H&M (c/o) // Elephant Head Scarf: Asos // Sunnies & Jeans: Primark // Top: thrifted 


1 Year Anniversary in White

As you know from this post, we just celebrated our one year anniversary this past weekend! We went away to the Italian Riviera together at the beginning of July and then celebrated the actual day by heading into city center of Leeds and enjoying a traditional English roast, followed by sticky toffee pudding at the Alchemist. Delicious!! I paired my favorite Sarah Seven dress with this sheer kimono from Chiara Fashion and threw on my go-to summer heel. I kept the accessories minimal by adding touches of gold, like this bangle from Michael Hill Jewelers. I wore the sample vintage necklace from my great-grandmother that I wore the day of our wedding. A classy, comfortable, and bridal inspired outfit. It was a beautiful day in Leeds and this outfit allowed for plenty of room to eat, relax, and stay cool in the summer heat. Which I have been told is totally odd for Northern England, but I'm not complaining!

Dress: Sarah Seven // Kimono: Chiara Fashion (c/o) // Sunnies: Warby Parker (c/o) 

His & Hers


One Year Anniversary

(Anniversary trip to the Italian Riviera, photo by super talented Maria Lamb of Anthem Photography)

WOW!! It's been one year since our wedding and we have done SO much, it's been an absolute insane and memorable year. Here's a little recap:

Married July 20th, you can check out our wedding photos here and our engagement story here! Or head over to Huffington Post where our engagement photo has been featured today, July 20th! 

In our first year as a blissful Mr. & Mrs. we have done so much!!! From moving half way across the world to traveling between several different countries, a total over 30, 000 miles on airplane, boat, car, and foot. We've swam in the mediterranean, learned to cook diverse cuisines, walked the paths of Vincent Van Gogh, marveled at the works of Davinici, michealangelo and picasso, drank wine in the South of France, created new holiday traditions, slept on the floors of strangers homes, made new friends, created a new community, and through all of this have remained and grown into the best of friends. 
Our life has been adventurous but not glamourous, busy yet minimal, tough and laid back all at the same time. If your first year of marriage is any taste to what the rest of your life together will hold, I am in for many more years of an adventurous and fabulous life. We're thankful for every day we have with each other and are adamant on spending it to the fullest, for what ever that means on that particular day.

Here's a fast recap in photos:


July Update

I've been on planes and exploring other countries and not updating you here! How rude! ;) last week my handsome husband and I were in Italy so I could style an editorial with Maria Lamb of Anthem Photography! We made sure to have some fun as an early anniversary present to ourselves (July 20th will be here soon)! Above is a sneak peek from Maria of our mini anniversary shoot we were able to squeeze in before saying goodbye!
This week I was in Dublin! Having walked most of the city, my favorite part was the HUGE mackelmore concert we attended Thursday might! And tomorrow morning one of my Portland beauties and I leave for an island off of Spain! We barely have 24 hours to get everything together, so it's time to pack light and get plenty of beauty sleep! Travel is definitely exhausting, but it has become a way of life for me, and I don't plan on stopping anytime soon. I've got this down!! So from one Global nomad to all of you- be excited for the photos and travel tips that will be on here soon!!
Cheers to the weekend!


Our AirBnb rental house in the South of France

At this moment we are in Italy making our way through the Italian Riviera, I thought I would finally post about our favorite vacation rental experience from last month in France before sharing about Italy!! Ever since our Hawaiian Honeymoon, we've been hooked on the idea of renting out an entire space that allows us to cook our own meals for the fraction of the cost of renting out a single room in a hotel. It's all about budget traveling in our life!! The South of France was a great opportunity to experience AirBnb again.
Our host was kind, welcoming, and made us breakfast every morning. We had the entire top half of her house to ourselves, with our own giant bathroom, choice of bedrooms, and peace and quiet. The rest of the house was great for lounging and resting, and if we wanted to, we could have access to cooking in her kitchen. Enjoy the photos of our little French haven and be sure to check the specs after the photos of how we managed a french vacation as a student couple on a tight budget.
We paid only $45 a night to feel at "home" and get a true, cultural experience in France. Our accommodation and travel costs were under budget! Check out AirBnb for your next holiday!
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