New Years Eve in Liverpool

WOW, what an incredible year! We are celebrating the end of 2013 in Liverpool, England. The perfect way to end the most eventful year of my life. 2013 is marked by two huge events and life changes. First, I got married (pictures coming in January!) and then we moved to a new country! Along with other tid bits like living with the best housemates ever, being featured on Teen Vogue, representing Oregon in H&M's fashion campaign, having my work for both design and styling be featured in national and international magazines etc. I would say it was a pretty good year, the best yet! And to be honest, I need to make a whole new list of goals for 2014, because I accomplished all of my goals and then some for 2013! You can look forward to more travel posts, refined style posts, English adventures and handcrafted designs by yours truly. So excited to share everything with all of you!!!


Topshop x Pleather

Moving to a new place isn't easy, to a new country is even harder. So many new and exciting (daunting) things all around you, places are more beautiful, people more interesting but it's hard. We have now been in Leeds, England for over two months. I emotionally survived the Holidays away from my family and friends and have slowly stopped filling my hot mess of emotions with cookies and candies. I have embraced our new life out here and my new family. Just me and my hot (smart, funny, dorky) husband. I couldn't feel happier or more fulfilled. And even though they are just feelings and they will change and fade and morph over our lifetime, I had the most fun with my husband on Christmas. Being out here has been a blessing in disguise as we pretty much just have each other. He is literally the person I cry, laugh, and dance with and I've learned to appreciate every little detail and experience. I am thankful for the details, and thankful for the opportunity to be removed from the norm. 
And so lovely readers, as I share my outfit from Christmas and we welcome a new year full of new experiences and adventures, I want to thank you for following along on our journey, specifically in 2013. From our engagement to our wedding to our move, your words of encouragement and support have been that extra boost I've needed along the way. So, from my family to yours, Happy New Year loves!!! Thank you for following along the Jade Rose journey!


Parker New York Holiday Style

If you remember from this Instagram, I had a "Christmas Doo" to attend for work. I wore my wedding reception dress, the Hayden by Parker New York. It runs big in regards to sizing so I paired it with my favorite blazer to achieve a fitted look.
Dress // Blazer: H&M (c/o) // Heels: Carlos Santana (old) // Clutch: Banana Republic )old) // Lips" MAC Rebel


Christmas in Leeds

This beaded pencil skirt and chunky knit jumper are a comfy combo for galavanting throughout the city. However, both are a size or two too big on me, I felt too comfortable to care that I may or may not have looked like a bag lady. My metallic booties (found at a thrift store back in Portland) were not as comfy as the slouchy outfit but were a perfect metallic touch. This Christmas we will (obviously) be celebrating in England, far away from our US West Coast roots, and keeping things low key with just the two of us. (queue Will Smith)


Shopping Silver

While searching for these rain boots, I found incredible silver equestrian boots!!! Which lead to shopping for more silver items, enjoy my curated oufit of shiny, sparkly, wearable items!!!


Ted Baker Wellies

These Ted Baker of London Wellingtons are the best English purchase I've made thus far. They fit like a dream and will go with everything in my wardrobe! The snake print detail is charming on a classic black rain boot. I waited patiently to buy myself wellingtons knowing they would need to last me as long as possible (years). I knew I needed a boot that would go with any coat and that was practical, being on a very strict budget and still having to convert every purchase to dollars meant lots and lots of research and waiting. It was worth it!! I got these boots brand new for half the price! They are incredible comfortable and come highly recommended from this American turned UK style blogger :)
Caught Vsco-gramming. ;)
Wellies: Ted Baker // Wool Skirt: Banana Republic (old) // Jacket: H&M (old) // Fur stole (Jade Rose) // Metallic Tights (purchased in Ukraine) // Eyeglasses: LaFont (c/o) // Lips: MAC 'So Chaud'


Glam Rock: My Personal Style

I was asked to describe my personal style whilst wearing this outfit, I looked down at what I was wearing, laughed, and hesitantly giggled "Glam Rock"? I felt stupid giving my outfit choice that title, and the truth is, I don't really know how to describe my style. My style expresses what I want to do that day and who I want to be. It's safe to say that I wear clothes that express my ideas, feelings, everything that is me. And I believe everyones style should. (Like the stage when I was 11 and would wear tie-dye tights with tie dye shirts or gigantic bell bottoms)...
This day, I wore a total "Jade Outfit" as my friends and family would say. I felt so comfortable and confident doing so. almost as though it was a relief! I wear many hats and job titles, but this day? I just wanted to be Jade Rose :) the spunky creative who loves wearing heels and sometimes wishes she could still be a rockstar... 
Our street is so magical
How would you describe your personal style?
Leather Moto Jacket: H&M (c/o) // Mesh top: H&M (c/o) // Skirt: Topshop // Tights // Heels: Zara // Necklace: H&M (c/o) // Belt: H&M (c/o)

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