Wardrobe Stylist East Coast

Great News!!! I was hired as a wardrobe stylist these past two days for a worldwide healthcare company and they loved me so much that they asked me to stay with them for this next week! The only catch? They are done shooting in Portland and now need to shoot in DC and Boston, and they are flying me out to shoot with them!! Weeee!!! I have officially landed my first national job as a wardrobe stylist for a renowned company, working with the best of the best (not to mention our amazing photographer who was flown in from Holland for this project) and get to travel (so excited) while doing so! It's what I've worked so hard for, countless hours blogging, many years designing accessories and playing around with different textiles or fabric mediums. The money spent, the all nighters, the unpaid "for portfolio" work that I've worked my butt off for, and I'm here. I've achieved my goal. And I thoroughly enjoyed my time these past two days! I am getting paid to do what I love and I am really excited to share this journey with you! I will continue to work 12 hour days, but as time allows I'll be updating the blog this next week. Follow me on Instagram and Twitter as well for photos and posts that probably won't make the blog. I feel blessed, and huge thank you goes to my roommate Liz Vice who referred me to this job which is opening huge doors. Thank you!!

I have never been to DC, Virginia, or Boston before, suggestions for what to do or see if I have any free time?!!

Also, today is my heart birthday!!!! It's been three years since my pacemaker was placed! I had a DIY all ready for you with lots of details on what that entails, but due to the above everything is getting pushed back. Be excited, it's totally worth the wait!

~Jade Rose


  1. Congratulations - I'm sure you've been enjoying every moment of it! Cheers to a healthy life!

  2. Way to go Jade!!! It's awesome to see your hard work paying off. May you have continued success

  3. Awesome Jade! Congrats, I will definitely be following and 'liking' everything probably :)

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