York in 24 Hours

As you know from here and here we started our first of many 24 hour trips in the UK. As we have breaks from Uni and work (and the funds) we will take mini vacations in 24 hours or less. York was our first stop as it is the closest to us in Leeds. The most quaint city that is completely enclosed in castle walls built hundreds of years ago, York was founded by the Romans in 71 AD!!!! It is the epitome of English quaint with cobble stone roads, buildings and architecture only out of fairy tales (like The Shambles I'm pictured in below), and friendly folk that love local farmers markets.  Our favorite experience was going to Friday night prayer at the York Minster, it was the most beautiful experience we've had since being in the UK.
 I present to you, 24 hours in York with pictures. 
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  1. I love York! It is one of my favourite UK cities and your pictures absolutely do it justice. If you love Roman cities and cathedrals, you should visit Lincoln which is in the North East of England as well. It's smaller than York but just as lovely. Or maybe I'm biased as I'm moving there next year :) I'm really enjoying your blog at the moment as I know next year when I move to the UK from South Africa I'll be going through similar things. So you're inspiring me that it can be done. Keep it up :)


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