Weekend Wear in David Beckham Bodywear by H&M

It's finally the weekend and that means lots of book reading, market shopping (fresh British food anyone?), wide heels (because when am I not wearing heels?), and comfy clothes.... like my David Beckham exclusive tee and my husbands cords. You see, I had an "aha" moment the other day whilst doing laundry. With only having the time to wash my husbands clothes, I was without my comfy pair of trousers before heading out the door for weekend errands. So I decided to try his on... because why not?! Lo and behold, they stayed on thanks to my hips and looked great with my favorite pair of heels (just don't tell him I said that). I've never been one to where "boyfriend fit" jeans but my husbands cords were the perfect color of grey and are incredibly slouchy allowing an almost pyjama feel. Now I understand the over sized trousers epidemic! And so this outfit came alive,  with a super soft cotton tee from the newest David Beckham collection my weekend attire was born. Throwing on a skinny heel to balance the bulkiness of his trousers we were out the door!
Can we take a moment to talk about the newest David Beckham collection that launched on Superbowl Sunday?! Because it's incredibly comfy, and possibly only for the guys as I cannot find the link for the ladies on H&M but regardless, if jeans can be unisex, clearly lounge wear can be as well!! This tee was sent to me form H&M and not available for purchase, but you can find his collection here! Cheers to the weekend!
Cords: H&M (c/o) // Tee: David Beckham Bodywear (c/o) // Heels: Carlos Santana (old)

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