Palma De Mallorca Wardrobe with Eco Swim

I only took a beach bag as my carry on that included my clothes for the entire week in Spain. When you're hanging out on an island all day you keep things simple. I brought two swimsuits, a cover-up, a dress, and a pair of short overalls from last summer. The featured swimsuit and cover-up are from EcoSwim by Aqua Green, a company that uses recycled material to create their clothing!! Being that I was raised in Oregon, where "recycle, reduce, reuse" is engraved in your head from an early age (we all remember staring at those cardboard boxes during class) it is always really exciting to see companies and humans actually doing this!!! The swimsuit was incredibly comfy and durable, crazy to think it's made from recycled plastic bottles!!! I also must brag about the partnerships this amazing family run company supports and collaborates with, they are a part of so many! Read about their sustainability practices here and then head to your local Nordstrom to grab a swimsuit!!
Comfy, polka dot and vintage inspired Ruffled bandeau and hipster Eco Swim suit!
The cotton coverup hoodie from Eco Swim that protected me from the sun!
Beach side reading
These handmade Spanish leather sandals saved my feet this week! I love the metallic rose gold color!

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