The Yellow Gingham Summer Dress

Happy August you beauties! These photos were taken back in May but so many of you sent questions about the gingham top posted on my Insta that I've had to write a post just to answer them!

This yellow gingham dress is perfect and has been my go-to for picnics and summer evening walks. This dress- accented by my post-Rwanda tan (posts to follow on our time living in Rwanda!) and paired with my favorite mesh booties with a clear acrylic heel that I found thanks to Gummergal are a staple. Can you believe it's been so warm and sunny in England?! Record highs for our little part of the world!! But alas, the rain has already returned and it's only the first week of August.

Side note- saying goodbye to the icy blonde this week! It's been exactly one year of blonde hair- and although I've had some fun, I need to repair my naturally beautiful brunette hair and get back to...well, me. The real Jade Rose- the long-haired brunette. :)
Dress: here

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