How to: Edgy Style

One of the last installments in the shoot I did with Linnea Paulina Photography (Here: Parts 1 and two) will be focused on achieving an edgy style. This look was achieved with only three pieces that almost all of you have in your closet! 
#1: Fitted leather jacket. Fit and cut are very important!
It should be tailored to your body.
#2: Collared Blouse/ Dress. I wore a sleeveless, collared shirt dress from Nordstrom, but your options are endless here. 
I really wanted a crisp, neutral basic that I could add fun accessories to. 
#3: Funky Stockings: What really made this outfit a "Jade Rose" outfit were my leopard print stockings I bought in Germany. There are so many options in stores now that any outfit can be transformed by simply sliding our feet into these cozy leg sweaters... :)
#4: Throw a bold color on your lips like MAC's So Chaud or Ruby Woo (2 of my go-to's) and voila! 

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  1. your style is great! i love the unique twists you put on things. I really like standing out from the crowd and looking a bit edgy and different but i'm terrible at getting small details right that help to tie an outfit together, like you've done so well above! i'm really into iron fist clothing as I think you don't need to add much detailing to work the stuff they have. This is my latest purchase, i hope you love it as much as i do!


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