Holiday Style DIY: Hair Accessory

red hair clip do it yourself

I love the Holidays and I DIY (do-it-yourself) almost everything in my life. So I present to you my little part in the Holiday Hair DIY fun. My Holly hair pin, complete with vintage goodies, some metallic gold, and handmade with love! Perfect for your next outfit or for as a gift!

You'll need:
hair accessory diy by Jade Rose
(Vintage berries, gold wire, bobby pins, pliers, gold accents)

Step1: Twist gold beading wire through berries creating a 'stem'.

Step 2: Wrap wire around bobby pins, glue gold accents of your choice to the bobby pin. 

and Voila!
vintage inspired diy

how Jade Rose Blog makes accessory
 (sorry for the iphone pics!)

 Super simple, super cute. You can use anything you want to adorn your beautiful hair. Happy DIY'ing, if you make any hair clips send photos my way!! 

:) Jade Rose

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