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I am back in Portland after a week in Southeast Idaho. It was literally below freezing, sub zero temperatures. (I didn't pack for that...) but I do love the high dessert cold, it's so dry that it can be bearable. However, the snow would not form into any shape, it was like sand!! Portland snow wins as the best kind of snow. :)
Anyways, it is my fiance's last semester!!! Wooo! It's been a long 2 years of of plane rides, skype dates, and letters, but he's almost finished with his masters! Here are some photos from my time in Idaho the last few days. I went to Idaho with an open creative mind, I ended up accomplishing a ton. I am SO, so, so excited for what's to come with my space here at Jade Rose Blog.  I can't wait to share it with all of you! Make sure you subscribe to the blog to find out! 
Pocatello Apartment
(His flat, art deco everywhere!)

home decor
(Man wall decor, he brought that water bottle from Mexico, I am so excited to live with him and decorate our home together!)

manly home decor
(I bought him this monkey before he moved away, love vintage toys, and it still works! clink, clink, clink)

house decor for men
(This absolutely describes him, I love that he displays everything :)

mens dress shoes and jeans
(His style, so handsome) 

Missing Idaho, but  it's back to the Portland grind...

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  1. LOL ok, this is crazy. We moved to Idaho! except we live in Boise :)


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