What I Wore: Sequin Sweatshirt

On New Years Day I felt it only appropriate to start the new year off with a festive sparkly piece, my go to glitz is this comfy sweater from H&M! With my fiance still in town for another week, we have taking advantage of our time in between our to-do lists to have mini adventures. 
The first day of the year was actually sunny in Portland (!) so we ventured out into the cold and found a spot near the Columbia River where we could trot around on some train tracks. He began to snap pics for me (he's the master mind behind the best photos on this blog) and then we heard a loud horn.... and screaming around the corner much closer than we expected was a giant train!! I say giant, but really it was a normal sized train, they just look giant when they are that close!!! Needless to say, our mini adventure was cut short as we quickly jumped off the tracks and admired its power race past us. :)
Heeled Booties: Thrifted, Clarks. Chmabray: Thrifted, GAP. Oxblood Skinnies: H&M. Sequin Sweatshirt: H&M. Wool Coat: Urban Outfitters.

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