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Happy Friday lovelies!
jade rose in leopard print
(for the record, it was -12 degrees out)

I have a very personal post for you this fine Friday (and a cute outfit). Today is a very special day, it is officially Wear Red Day in support of fighting heart disease in America. Heart disease is the number one killer in women. It also marks exactly one week before my birthday and two exact weeks before Valentines day. These two weeks have been linked with lots of red and lots of hearts the past couple years. As I prepare for another year older and welcome myself into my late twenties I need to stop and be thankful for even being here.
American Heart Month: The Story of a Heart Disease Survivor
 My personal fight with heart disease has lingered through my childhood years and really took a toll in the fall of 2009, I was a 22 year old having dizzy spells and fainting episodes. Relatively healthy and fit, the doctors kept checking my brain, MRI's and blood tests and they couldn't solve the problem (they only found another, more on that another day).  My older brother was admitted to the ER that fall for congestive heart failure, and was only 4 years older than me. As they took weeks to stabilize his health they decided it a good idea to check my heart as well I indeed, like my brother, had a form of heart disease. After two weeks on a heart monitor the doctors saw that my heart was resting at a rate of 42 beats per minute, when I was asleep it would drop to 20 and even scarier? My dizzy spells were actually caused by my heart... because it wasn't beating. The pauses of 8-12 seconds were enough to stop the flow of blood in my body, causing fainting spells, and weakening my already weak heart. Two weeks later I was heading into surgery to receive my pacemaker.

(day after surgery, Dec 17, 2009)

what will pacemaker look like after surgery

I am now doing great, on meds for preventative stroke and another more common condition called atrial fibrillation. The pacemaker didn't fix everything, but it's safe to say my heart will keep beating for quite some time... will you help support the fight against heart disease and wear red with me this month? Show me your red and tag me on Instagram, twitter, etc!

(check ups in sequins)

And another sneak peek of Monday's full outfit post! 
american heart month, heart disease survivor

Happy Heart Month!!! ~Jade Rose

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