Sarah Seven Accessories by Jade Rose

Sarah Seven gold dress
Rhinestone Bib Necklace
As you may know, I design accessories for fashion and bridal designer Sarah Seven. Sarah Seven has expanded worldwide to multiple bridal boutiques, which means the accessories I've designed are going with! Both lines have been a hit during New York International Bridal Market (follows after New York Fashion Week). I am currently designing the newest collection, can't wait to debut it!

So where can you find Jade Rose Accessories, here are just a few!
Australia: The Bridal Atelier
New York: Lovely Bride

 Also, I have some SUPER exciting news to go along with this bridal-esque post!!! International bridal blog Birds & Honey has asked me to partner with their beautiful blog in a wedding series leading up to my own big day!!! How unbelievably exciting!! You can find it here

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  1. gorgeous! everything is pretty in these pics. But I think I need to re-new my wedding vows so I can wear one of your designs. xoxo love

  2. you make these!!!??? they're amazing!!!

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