Portland Fashion Week 2nd Night

Portland Fashion Week night 2 was my favorite! Just check out the entrance to the Brady Lange show, I snapped the photo just as the model surprised everyone with glitter confetti!!
VIP loung below
Check out my accessories of the night, Betsy & Iya St. Johns cuff delivered to me at the show just before red carpet photos from Boutiika, and I ordered them the day of!! Boutiika features local boutiques from your city and offers same day delivery to anywhere you need, like a fashion show ;)
My Outfit of the Night rockin' my Lucky Brand tee and thrifted leather skirt ;)
Love the dress below
 Loved Fashion Week, and had a ton of fun full of fashion, networking, and great people! Now it's just over a week until my big move to England!!!
Shop the look below!

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