Oregon Wine

It rained and stormed all last week, but that didn't stop my husband and I from visiting the place we have come to love, where hours of conversation and laughter have been had. I first attended University amongst these vines, the rainy grey weather never stopping our puddle jumping adventures and street side markets of farm fresh fruit. I often find myself coming back to the vineyards only 20 minutes away from where I live. In this part of the luscious valley are the most tasty and gorgeous Pinot Noir grapes. Truly an experience everyone needs to enjoy, the Oregon Pinot Noir is spicy, velvety, and delicious no matter what vineyard you taste from. My favorites? In the Dundee hills. If you ever come and visit my home, be sure to let me know and visit the wineries!!! I have a best list growing by the weekend...
Notice the raindrops on the lens? I will never get tired of the Oregon rain. Luckily we are moving to another rainy and green Northwest region, it just so happens to be on a different continent, ONE WEEK until Europe!!! 


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