Glam Gold Bridesmaids Dresses

As you may have seen from my series with Birds & Honey I have already given you a preview of my stunning bridesmaids. However, I now get to reveal the actual wedding photos of my gorgeous golden girls! Metallic hues and different textures played a big role in the styling of my bridesmaids. I gave them a color palette and told them to find a dress they wanted. With my guidance through a "yay or nay" picture text, in the end I loved every single dress that each of these ladies wore. I had 10 bridesmaids, from all walks of my life and different chapters. Most people are shocked when I say I had 10, but these girls have let me cry, laugh, dance, and just be "Jade" and have still loved me and supported me along the way, they have seen the beginning and end to several different chapters of my life, I needed them to be a part of this one :) They all looked radiant, I'm sure the blaring sun on the metallic hues helped, but truly, look at these stunning photos! 
Glowing Bridesmaids!
 I gifted each of them a gold plated, austrian crystal bow ring and another giant piece of bling. Can you spot her bling?!
What do you think?! What are your thoughts on bridesmaids being in different dresses? Different colors? Both?
 Options that are similar:

Photos by the talented Benj Haisch

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  1. I love love love this! They all looked so incredible and I'm sure they loved you for letting them pick! All their dresses work so well together, I'll be using this as inspiration for my bridesmaids someday!


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