Travel: 24 hours in Liverpool

Free tourist activities to do in Liverpool are quite easy to find. As you know, we spent our New Years Eve in Liverpool, with a little more than 24 hours in the maritime city we found plenty of  beautiful places that kept us entertained. Liverpool was a very relaxing and laid back city, a must see for Beatles fans! Without further ado, I will let the images to the talking. 
I hope you get to visit Liverpool some day!!
Albert Dock in Liverpool, complete with seagulls

A vibrant city full of Beatles fans, delicious seafood, and pubs galore.
Until our next 24 hrs in a new city....


  1. Looks like you had a great time! Lovely pictures :)

  2. love the shots ! soo cool!

  3. Hi Jade. I got your details from Fashion and Faith. Pleased to meet you. I live in Manchester UK so got a real shock to see that you're staying here. I've had a look through your blog, you are from a really gorgeous part of the world, your pictures are great and so romantic. I love rivers, trees although not in the middle of a city! Have you joined a Church? I have been asking all the Christian Fashion Bloggers whether they want to exchange links then realised you have several thousand likes on your facebook page! which puts you way out of my league! I've only started blogging so amonly just starting out. I pray you enjoy living over here and make lots of new friends without missing your home town too much! Good to connect with you. God Bless Lorna

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