Travel: Wine Tasting in the South of France

Wine tasting through the region of Chateau De Papa in the South of France was both nostalgic and dreamy. We drove through hills of vineyards, passed by ruins and castles, had the warm Mediterranean breeze flowing through the rented Volkswagen, just dreamy. It was relaxing, a road trip that took us 1200 miles through the landscape in just two days. As you know from here and here, we loved wine tasting in Oregon and the WIllamette Valley. So it was lovely to go again as we hadn't been since moving to England 8 months ago. To be tasting amongst some of the oldest vines and in the best region for wine in the world, was one of the coolest experiences for us. I wish I could send you a glass through the computer! 
{Vineyards for miles and miles.}

We were too busy enjoying the actual wine tasting to take photos of the wine or glasses, but it was incredible. Did you know that Rosé is super popular in the South of France? That shocked us both!

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