I Woke Up Like This Beauty Secrets

(I'm a morning person... time 8:45 am)
I woke up like this, literally, an hour before taking these photos. Do not underestimate the power of sleep and eating your greens! Those who know me personally and those of you who are observant readers of my blog will know that I am a very low-maintenance beauty person. I could just be lazy, I could only be hiding behind my giant glasses (they're like eyeliner- right?), but honestly, I always felt like I was lying to the world if I chose to wear make-up. Is that weird? That seems weird to type out... ha! I am telling you this because I think it's important to know what your body needs before the makeup and clothes so that it can look it's best and grow your confidence. When I feel I do need to wear make up, it is because I haven't been taking care of myself on the inside. Physically, emotionally, dietary. And I think that makes a big difference in our daily lives. I will say it's easier to go sans make-up in the summer months... 
My "beauty" routine consists of the following not-so-secret-anymore steps:
1. Eat daily allotment of veggies and healthy protein
2. Exfoliate skin every other day with warm water, then lightly moisturize. No soap! 
3. Get at least 6 hours of sleep (this one is so important). 
4. "Me" time. I am an incredibly social person, but in order to be this way without going insane or losing patience, I need alone time. I need the freedom to dance like an idiot to music, and I need the chance to collect my thoughts for the day/ week/ month.
Take care of you on the inside and your confidence will grow :) 
*I will say that when I've not had enough sleep or I've had too much junk food, a little NARS bronzer is my go-to. It saves the day.
Sequin Jogger Shorts: Zara // Leopard Print Slip-Ons: Dublin souvenir ;) // Shirt: found on eBay

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  1. I agree that what you put in your body is definitely at the top of the list when it comes to taking care of your appearance! Once I cut dairy/grains/legumes and most sugars out of my diet (80% of the time, anyway) my skin became so much better, I felt better (I'm dairy intolerant), and I feel a lot less like I need makeup, and more like I want to wear makeup because it's fun. (I'm a total girly-girl!) But taking care of your body is so important for your beauty routine!


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