One Year Anniversary

(Anniversary trip to the Italian Riviera, photo by super talented Maria Lamb of Anthem Photography)

WOW!! It's been one year since our wedding and we have done SO much, it's been an absolute insane and memorable year. Here's a little recap:

Married July 20th, you can check out our wedding photos here and our engagement story here! Or head over to Huffington Post where our engagement photo has been featured today, July 20th! 

In our first year as a blissful Mr. & Mrs. we have done so much!!! From moving half way across the world to traveling between several different countries, a total over 30, 000 miles on airplane, boat, car, and foot. We've swam in the mediterranean, learned to cook diverse cuisines, walked the paths of Vincent Van Gogh, marveled at the works of Davinici, michealangelo and picasso, drank wine in the South of France, created new holiday traditions, slept on the floors of strangers homes, made new friends, created a new community, and through all of this have remained and grown into the best of friends. 
Our life has been adventurous but not glamourous, busy yet minimal, tough and laid back all at the same time. If your first year of marriage is any taste to what the rest of your life together will hold, I am in for many more years of an adventurous and fabulous life. We're thankful for every day we have with each other and are adamant on spending it to the fullest, for what ever that means on that particular day.

Here's a fast recap in photos:


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