Cashmere Leopard

Autumn is for cashmere sweaters (or jumpers as they call them out here). I also just recently learned that the word Fall is not used here in England, we have entered Autumn, if you say Fall you will confusion and laughs ;) With that said, it has been cold and rainy all week! Leaves are falling and the air is getting crisper. I have begun packing for Portland, as I will be there for two months to celebrate my sis-in-laws wedding and to produce a beautiful photo shoot with my favorite, talented ladies! Until then, I'm layering not for the look but for the warmth!
 and then I fell off the wall... ;)
 Cashmere: gift from mum // Wedges: Zara // Dress shirt: my husbands // Trousers: Banana Republic //
Ladies tie: by yours truly, emial me if you would like one. $10 for the tie plus shipping! 
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