100 Good Deeds + giveaway

Jade Rose Blog has teamed up with 100 Good Deeds to bring you a Holiday Gift giveaway! 100 Good Deeds is an organization that trains women artisan groups from Africa to India, on how to weave these bracelets. The bracelets are worn to promote good deeds; every time you do an anonymous good deed, move the small ring one bead closer to the 1GD button. 100% of the bracelet proceeds are invested back into the 100 Good Deeds program benefiting the women bracelet weavers. 
With celebrities far and wide supporting this organization, you have the opportunity to purchase or win one for yourself or friend!
*** Giveaway to win the "capri" bracelet gift***
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For a bonus entry, comment on this post with a good deed someone has done for you that you still remember to this day. Good luck!
Cyndi Lauper rockin' her 100 Good Deeds braceet!

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  1. The one good deed someone did for me, I'll never forget. I was heading to the gas station because I was almost out of gas. I was almost there when the car started stuttering. I tried to get it off the road, but didn't quite make it. A car pulled up behind me and a young man got out. He asked what the problem was and when I told him I was out of gas, he ran across the street to the gas station(yes, I was almost there!), bought a gas can, filled it and then bright it back and poured it into my car. I said thank you and then he was gone. Never even got to ask him his name, but I'll remember s kindness forever.


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