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Sex trafficking; it's everywhere. It destroys, it's mischievous, it's not only prostitution, and it kills. 
These are my raw, unedited thoughts. My part in the story.

This is a trending hot topic right now. There are many organizations bringing awareness (for which I applaud) but at this point we are aware. We are aware of the lies of media, we are aware that there are unfortunate women and children forced into this multi-billion dollar industry, we are aware of this epidemic that has always been around. In my opinion, we are not in need of awareness, we are in need of action.

Exactly this time last year I was walking the streets of Ukraine with a documentary crew wanting to capture the life of a "street child". My team consisted of 20-somethings form Germany, Mexico, South Africa, and the United States. I was the US contact for Justice ACTs International, along with 3 other international team members we spent one month living in Ukraine working alongside non profits who all wanted to fight sex trafficking in their country and find loving families for the orphans. In Ukraine, orphans were the most likely to enter the sex industry, with a stigma (and literal stamp on their ID) that they cannot shake, many have no other choice, in order to survive and make money this is the only option. On the other hand, orphans are most likely to be kidnapped and forced into this industry, after all, who would notice (society's view not my own)?

We talked with prostitutes alongside the road, waving customers on and away, they broke down in tears explaining (through interpreters) how they felt like they had no other choice. We prayed, we talked, we loved.

I spent Thanksgiving last year in an orphanage outside of Kiev, Ukraine, the only native English speaker there, I had the opportunity to bless the orphans with my love, teaching, and hair braiding skills ;) I also spent time with emotionally disturbed children and used my self-taught trade as a therapy. We made sparkly brooches and hair accessories, lots and lots of pretty things.

As I reflect this time of year and give thanks for all that I have, I will never forget those I am thankful for meeting during my time in Ukraine and Germany. My heart is filled. Thank you Portland Monthly for sharing part of my story, part of my passion. For more info or questions, please comment below or contact me at

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