Wallace Park

... continued from Part 1
I left Barista with his two beautiful sisters and we made our way from one side of Portland across the river to the other. We stopped in front of a favorite park, there sitting on the bluff were some of our dearest friends. One of these dear friends flew in from Orange County just for this special day! 
 With them, a treasure chest. (They were sitting in the exact spot Ryan and I shared our first kiss during a picnic).
 After many laughs,  questions, and story telling. I opened the chest to find a bouquet of flowers that were similar to the wild flowers he had picked for me that very day of our first kiss. And a handwritten book with two more vows/ promises for out future together.
 Promising friendship and romance I of course cried and smiled and hoped he would pop out from behind a tree or something!!
From here I was silently driven back across the river to industrial Portland. Smiles all around in the car, I was joyfully dropped off. I look around and spot my ginger head niece (one of my favorite people) in her hot pink tutu I bought for her, I run to say hi.
 My darling parents are with her and hand me a rose wrapped package... she wanted to help unwrap :)
We hung out, ate lunch that Ryan provided, and practiced our jumping skills... well, she did...
 3 generations of red haired McArthur women....
 My dad handed me the package that had the promise which meant the most for a father...
"I may never be a man of wealth, but I promise to provide."
I am feeling so blessed and thankful, our proposal story continues... check back tomorrow :)
All photos by the talented Kevin Farris Photography

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