Silk Harem Trousers: Leeds Street Style

These comfy, silky trousers inspired an outfit reminiscent of Gwen Stefani's earlier days. Her midriff baring, stiletto wearing, rocker chick self was someone I looked up to when it came to style in the early 2000's. I felt relatively comfortable in this outfit, in spite of whatever self conscious, midriff baring thoughts entered my head, I loved (still love) the overall look. I've paired these trousers I found at Chiara Fashion with flats and a slouchy top since then, they're versatile and incredibly comfortable. I now understand why the celebrities where them for traveling on a plane. They're like chic pajamas! Paired with this fitted floral blazer that I literally have not worn in forever, last time it made the blog was in this post, I think the two fits balanced each other out. 
The killer quartz necklace?! It's made to special order through Lady Evelyn, email
 Harem Trousers: Chiara Fashion (c/o) // White Stilettos: DANIEL Footwear (c/o) // Crop top: Topshop // Blazer: NY souvenir purchase // Quartz NEcklace: Lady Evelyn UK 


  1. Gorgeous!!!Love the look and that floral blazer♥

    Lakshmi in Trance

  2.! Smoking hot going on right now! Can I have your stomach though?

    1. Miss you!!! I'm not going to lie, a little tinted moisturizer can go a long way ;)

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